A Day in the Life of Me

So my day essentially starts the night before...


This involves me making sure both my uniform and Sir's uniform for work are in the cupboard ready to be put on the next morning. It also means that before Sir showers for the night, I am to lay out three pairs of underwear, neatly folded on my chest of drawers for Sir to choose which ones I will be wearing the following day.


Our morning starts with the alarms going off and usually myself getting up first to put the jug onto boil and getting Sir's coffee ready to be poured. I begin to get myself ready for work in the bathroom then proceed to pour Sir's coffee and place it beside his chair. Pending the time and whether or not Sir has hopped up with his alarms. I gently wake Sir and inform him that yes.. He really does need to get out of bed now.


Sometimes this morning routine will change slightly, if we get out of bed at the same time. We sometimes dress together, make a joke about going back to bed and if Sir is out of the bedroom before me, he makes his own coffee. While Sir gets ready in about 5 minutes, I take a little longer to get myself ready and lunch packed for the day. We leave the house at the same time and head off to work!


My next little task for the day involves me sending Sir a text message saying why I choose to be with him and why he is my dominant. Sir expects this text to be sent by a certain time every day unless I give good reason for it not being done. For example, on weekends he doesn't mind if my text isn't sent until later in the morning once I get up and ready for the day. This simple little task actually serves as a reflection on the past day and also gives Sir a good indication of how I may be feeling or what thoughts may be going through my head. Sometimes my text is sent and nothing is said of it, other times Sir may pick something up from my text and question me about it. I love this particular daily task as it requires me to be honest and usually put a little thought into it.


Throughout our work day we chat, sometimes texting, sometimes on phone calls.  I write posts for the blog and Sir and I often discuss new thoughts and ideas and what needs to be done once we get home later on.  All in all,  our days aren't all that kinky!


We arrive home around the same time most days, I usually boil the jug and get his coffee ready first up.  Then unpack my work gear,  boots off and into the laundry to strip and put the washing machine on!  Most afternoons we work on the blog, Sir might sit down and put the TV on and I generally clean house a little, hang the washing out and bring in the dry washing from the day before. Once I feel I've finished my jobs,  I'll sit down and enjoy some time with Sir.  This is our alone time for the day before the little one arrives home so occasionally we use this as our playtime. But mostly this time together is exactly that..  Time spent enjoying each others company. We joke and laugh and help each other out with things, sometimes we might have deep and meaningful conversations.


Once others are home it's time to look for something to do for dinner if I haven't already started prep for it earlier. But the routine goes something like dinner, showers, me organising our clothes for the next day and then hopping in bed to get ready to do it all again!


Our weekends are fairly similar with the exception of no work.  Even when we go out, I still remember that I'm Sir's submissive. Sir will open doors for me and is usually the one to drive... Mainly because my driving scares him!  But overall, our days are quite a normal,  typical day..  We don't involve much kink into our day to day lives and that's fine by us. The whole point of sharing this with everyone?  Is to show you that a day in the life of what is essentially a 24/7 submissive, really is very...  Normal.