Being His

Being his submissive is a part of our day to day lives.  While we may not call ourselves 24/7, we essentially are.  My submission and my devotion to Sir as his submissive are a never ending or changing factor in our lives.  Being his simply means that I'm always his sub, no matter what the time or place.


Being his submissive is a privilege and something I consider quite special. To me,  it's more than just being a partner, girlfriend or wife.  To be his sub means I have a lot more responsibility and Sir has far more expectations of me than a typical vanilla partner.  There is a different level of respect that I show to Sir, where I am expected to ask permission for some things. Not necessarily so that Sir can say no, but simply to show the respect that he does hold the power to say yes or no. It's the sole fact of asking permission rather than taking it for granted.


Sir expects me to be now to read him just as well as what he reads me. Over our years together,  he has quietly trained me to be more observant to what is going on around me, more specifically to be able to cater to his needs without too much discussion. I can walk past Sir whilst doing my afternoon jobs and notice his coffee mug is empty, it's now automatic to simply make him a new coffee.  I don't necessarily need to ask him if he wants one, I just quietly do it for him. The same with his clothes of a nighttime, it's not something we have spoken about but I always make sure that Sir has a work uniform there ready for the next day.


My other expectation as his sub is to be there for him. Now this in particular has many meanings. I'm to be there as his service sub, to take care of household duties and keeping his coffee full.  I'm also to be there as his sexual sub,  I'm expected to always be washed and clean shaven and ready for whatever Sir may ask of me.  Whether that be after work or the middle of the night, it's my job to always be ready.  Probably the most important part of being his sub though, is making sure Sir knows I am there for him as a person. To offer my support, encouragment and love at all times. It's my job to reassure him that yes he is doing the right thing, that he is being a good Dom and that no matter, what he has me by his side.


For me,  being his submissive is so much more of an emotional and mental connection that it is a physical one. It's about reading Sir's body language, learning what it means and how I'm expected to respond to it.  It's about learning how to be the absolute best sub I can possibly be for him, to be able to do my job as seamlessly as possible.

Being Sir's submissive is a full-time job but it's my favourite job in the world.