Christmas Time

So quite often we get to Christmas time and think oh no, what on earth am I going to get for my Dom or sub?! So to help out a little, here is a list of my favourite little suggestions, helpful hints and creative ideas for surprising your kinky loved one at Christmas!
Let's start with the obvious...
1. Paddles! Have a wooden paddle made from beautiful wood in rich colours and then have something meaningful carved into it.
2. Nipple clamps! So many variations but my personal favourite are the ones with the little dangling bits you can have things written on!
3. Pocket knife! Maybe you've spoken about adventuring into knife play or consensual non-consent? Maybe it's a part of your role play fantasy? A beautifully carved knife is a wonderful gift.  I actually bought one for Sir for his birthday and had it engraved with a little meaningful quote on the handle.
4. Cuff sets, who doesn't love looking pretty and matching their colours together? An easy way to have items made to measure whilst keeping them a surprise is to ask for every measurement from shoes to wrists to ring sizes! They will never know what's coming...
5. A belt!  Maybe find a shiny belt buckle they will love, it's something they can use on a regular basis whilst also having a kinky little meaning to it when a sub is naughty...  A shop on Etsy also does wording on the inside of belts so you can personalise it even more.
6. A Collar.  Now this can either be a big achievement and be a reward for a submissive to be given a daily wear collar. But it can also be a simple play collar, perhaps something a little more obvious or with a leash attachment and name tag with your Doms phone number.
7. Vouchers...  I've done this in the past for Sir.  Create your own personal vouchers and have fun doing it, be creative! What does your other half enjoy doing? What are some new things you'd like to try together? What's something small and personal that will mean the world to them? Be a little selfless and offer a night out with their friends and be their designated driver! The options are endless...
8. A weekend getaway! Plan a surprise weekend away, maybe book a hotel room, or find somewhere to go camping, whatever takes your fancy.  Make it private and secluded, plan a night out for dinner, maybe invite friends down to surprise them? Buy some new lingerie or gear to surprise them with when you get back to your room...  Or perhaps do a cheeky outdoors photoshoot together by the creek!
9. A toy box! If you're really handy (or like me and thought I was... Funny story there!) you can build your own toy box.  If you're not quite that good on the tools, there are plenty of places who make beautiful ornate wooden boxes that can either be carved or laser engraved to have names or symbols on them. You can put latches on locks on them to keep them safe from the kiddlings or the fur babies! Weather its to keep toys in or the keys to your collar and special little memories of your kinky times together.  Maybe make it a fantasy box, where you can both write out your secret fantasies and place them in the box.  The options are endless.
10. A book full of memories.  I loved creating this for Sir and actually had myself in tears at times doing so.  I made this for Valentine's Day but it can be used for any occasion or even just because.  Compile some photos or take some new ones, professional or candid shots.  Use little captions to describe how each image made you feel. How they make you smile uncontrollably, how they give you the freedom to vulnerable, how they ignite the animal inside you...  Make it personal and make it meaningful.  I printed mine out, laminated all the pages and then tied it together into a book with a red ribbon.
Feel free to comment or send us a message for any advice on where to find products or for suggestions on how to create your own vouchers and books! Hint...  Etsy is amazing for personalised gifts! Also great to know you're supporting small businesses!

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