I Found My Voice

We all have a voice and every single one of us should feel free to use it.  We are free to speak out,  free to believe in whatever we choose and free to express ourselves! But sometimes it isn't quite that simple.

Myself?  I have always been a bit of a shy,  quiet type of person, an introvert as they say.  Sir, on the other hand, is much more of an extrovert and isn't afraid to speak his mind to anyone and is quite outgoing. Growing up in my family, I had never really learned the art of speaking out...  Sure I could have my own opinions and was free to voice them.  But until I met Sir, I never realized just how much I had been taught to be silent. I was brought up to be the good girl,  the helpful person,  the one who sacrificed everything because it was the right thing to do.  But Sir helped me to see the difference between being silent and only giving the opinion people want to hear and standing up for what you honestly believe.

It wasn't long into our initial relationship that I decided I had to tell my family about my relationship. Now imagine this...  The good girl who does no wrong, coming out to her mother as in a closed poly triad relationship with an older married couple...  No worries, right?  Mind you, nobody knew I was bisexual until this point either! We went through a lot of turmoil,  a lot of tears and a lot of arguments before my family finally came to accept the relationship I had chosen.  But I never once backed down, with two loving people behind me in Sir and his wife, my girlfriend at the time,  I found my voice and my inner strength.  I had fallen in love with these people and they meant as much to me as what my blood family did.

Sir kept encouraging me to speak up and stand my ground.  He still reminds me now to never let anyone make me feel silent again.  He reminds me all the time that he wants me to have my own opinions and be able to make my own decisions. Being his submissive does not mean that I lose my voice.  In actual fact, it means that I have found my voice and I know that I am free to speak my mind,  respectfully of course.  Speaking out does not mean speaking up.  Even when we disagree on something, I am allowed to have my own valid opinion but I am not allowed to raise my voice or have an attitude when we talk.

So speak out... Find your voice and use it!

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