Impact Play

What is it?

Who does it?


Impact play is essentially the art of using various instruments to smack, spank, whip, hit...  In general, make contact with the flesh of the body.

There are many tools used for impact play and each creates different sensations and has different uses. Some tools require more knowledge and experience in order to be safely used, while others are more basic and can generally be used by anyone!

The safest places to hit during impact play are the buttocks and thighs. Typically the backs of the thighs or for a slightly more sensitive area, the inner thighs.  The parts of the body more covered by muscle and fat are the safest targets. For the more experienced players, other areas of the body can also be hit with some precision.  Most impact implements can be used on the breasts though you do have to be careful not to overdo it and cause damage.

Canes are sometimes used on the underside of feet, though this more leans towards the sadists and masochists play types or is sometimes used as a punishment. Floggers are quite often used on the chest area and the upper-middle back.  For safety reasons, the lower back should be avoided by all impact play as this is where the kidneys sit and they can be easily damaged.  Any areas that are more boney such as the hips and ribs should also be avoided.

Spanking is one of the most common forms of impact play, most don't even realise that it is indeed a form of impact play. The human hand makes a very safe and easy to use spanking tool!  For the more adventurous, face slapping is also a form of impact play. I myself have come to really enjoy face slapping. It took a long time and a lot of trust in Sir for us to try it but now I actually beg for it!

There are so many tools that can be used for impact play. Floggers, crops, canes, paddles, whips, belts, hands and even household items like the back of a hairbrush! Some of these implements create more of a heavier thudding sensation, while others give a shorter, sharper stinging feel. Everyone likes the feel of some and dislikes the feel of others, it simply depends on what you personally enjoy.  Each implement creates its own unique feel which is also dependant on how and where it is used.

Impact play can be either a stand-alone activity or used as part of role plays or discipline within a D/s setting.  A lot of people simply enjoy the pain and pleasure combination of impact play, embracing the pain and gaining pleasure from it.  Others use it as part of role-playing scenes, for example, a student/teacher roleplay may involve being spanked with a ruler whilst bent over the teachers desk.  Lastly, some simply use it as a form of punishment which is most common in D/s style relationships.

With hitting, whacking and slapping also come bruises and marks.  Some people may even go to the extremes of a little blood but that's certainly for the more experienced players. Sir and I don't do enough impact play nor do we play hard enough to really worry about tending to my marks afterwards. But always be mindful to tend to wounds when it is necessary. Creams like Anica ointment can help bring bruising out faster, while other antiseptic ointments should be used on broken or damaged skin to avoid any risk of infections.

Sir's hot tip for impact play, as a dominant himself,  is to be careful not to get your own fingers in the way when spanking that cheeky sub!

On that note, take a look at our next blog post detailing the different types of impact play tools.

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