Impact Tools


There is such a broad range of impact toys on the market these days, it's hard to know which ones to use!  Here we have compiled a list of the various stingy, whacky and ouchie toys that are commonly used for impact play. We'll tell you the different sensations each toy can bring as well as what some of our favourites are.

The Hand: I admit, one of my favourites purely because of how easily accessible it is and the fact it's a little more personal. This is hands down (pun intended!) the best place for newbies to start out. While a single hand can pack quite a punch, it's also forgiving and yields to pressure, unlike other implements. There are no real worries about missing your target or hitting somewhere you didn't intend.  It's easy to know exactly how much power and force you're putting into that hand. I also personally love hands for a little bit of face slapping too.

The Belt:  The good old leather belt... For some people, it proves to be a handy little implement that can be taken anywhere very discreetly! Being that belts are made of leather and the general length of them, they can be quite sharp and stingy in feel when used a particular way. Always remember to shorten a belt, by wrapping it around your hand, before striking as it has the potential to wrap around and strike your sub in unwanted areas. The belt is often used in roleplays and in general, more often seen in Daddy/little girl relationships or in D/s household discipline scenarios. For an added bit of fun, belts can also make great little DIY improvised cuffs!

Crops: Also sometimes referred to as whips,  a crop generally has a longer handle with a loop of leather on one end.  Crops are great for a more specific target area as the point of impact is quite small. They produce a sharp stinging sensation, although they can be used more lightly for sensation play rather than a hard spanking. Crops are a fairly safe starting point for more beginner BDSM people as they are easy to aim and are simple to try your strength on yourself before using it on your sub. These are also often seen being used in pony play, a form of pet play or sometimes roleplay.

Paddles: These are one of my least favourite as this is more typically used for either punishment or to get a very red butt with some bruising! Paddles come in many different types from wood to leather,  solid ones,  holey ones and even ones with lettering printed on them!  They come in all shapes and sizes as well, from ones that would cover your entire butt to ones that are only the size of the palm of your hand.  They produce a very thuddy solid hit and I find are one of the most painful and least forgiving items to use. Where other impact tools have some give and bend to them, paddles are quite rigid. Like a crop, the typical paddle only targets a specific area and doesn't typically run the risk of any wrap around effects. Used with some thought to the strength behind the hit they can be a great starting tool for newbies, in the hands of a more experienced Dom, paddles can certainly be a way to push your limits.

Floggers: A multi-stranded whip with a short handle.  Floggers are made from many different materials for many different sensations. Suede and other soft materials like fur are for softer more sensual based play, great for people new to BDSM and to safely get the feel for and motions of flogging. The majority of floggers are made from leather and trust me there are some gorgeous floggers around! I would say leather floggers do require some experience and perhaps even some advisement or training before being used confidently. As the strands can come in all different lengths, one must be careful of the wrap around effect they can have. In saying that, they are generally safe to be used on most areas of the body. They are able to be used on the buttocks, thighs, breasts, stomach, upper back, just about anywhere. Obviously still safely avoiding the kidney region of the lower back though. I myself quite enjoy the flogger and occasionally find myself asking Sir to give me a little taste of it... Please?

Canes: Now these require more experience to be used safely.  I've only been caned once myself which was quite a long time ago as punishment..  Ouch!  Canes are a long thin piece of wood/bamboo which usually is slightly bendy.  They deliver a slight wrap around effect and pack quite a punch. A very sharp stinging sensation is normally felt, mostly used on the buttocks and the back of the thighs. Sometimes canes are used on the bottoms of feet but this must be done with a little more experience and precision. I will say though... They leave behind some beautiful lines and patterns under an experienced well aimed hand.

Bull Whip:  Now this is one item that is most certainly not for beginners, only people who have had a lot of experience and even proper training should be wielding a bullwhip. A bullwhip is a long single tailed whip that is generally used from a distance away due to its length. The user must be experienced to be able to correctly handle the whip and direct it as to avoid hitting unwanted areas. They can be very dangerous in the wrong hands as they do pack quite a harsh stinging punch. I will say, it can be a beautiful thing to watch an experienced Dom using a bullwhip and seeing the pleasure/pain reaction it evokes in their submissive. It is one implement that I would strongly suggest a submissive only take on if they identify as a true masochist or a submissive that has a good relationship and foundation of trust with their dominant.

Household Items: A budget-friendly solution and also just fun in general!  The backside of a hairbrush, the ruler on your desk or the good old wooden spoon from the kitchen.  These items are quite similar to the paddle and generally are used more as "punishment" or role-playing items.  Use your imagination and enjoy being creative, there is a certain little rush of naughty excitement in using something not typically kinky! As always, be careful to judge the safety of an object before using it.

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