Learning Patience

For me as a submissive, this has been one of my biggest challenges.  It's something I am by no means good at yet and am still constantly learning (and being corrected) about having patience.  

I personally struggle with it because as soon as I'm asked to do something, I want to do it there and then. I want to get straight into it, right away, get it done.  I jump headfirst into things, at times without thinking them through too well. It's a bad habit that Sir works constantly to help me break.  

It's important for me to learn patience because it's a vital skill in life in general, not just as a sub. I trust in Sir to know what is best for me and to recognize my weaknesses and help me to make them into a strength.  Often I forget that Sir is always watching, that even if a specific task has not been set or given a time limit, he will always be watching for me to do something. I know he watches my every move, my every thought, my every emotion.  

I strive to be more like Sir everyday. To have his courage, his strength, his determination and motivation.  But also to have his powers of observation and patience.  He always strives to achieve more in life, to be better than his best. So on the days when I sit there wanting more, wanting to try new things and to do more as his submissive? It's in those times that he brings me back down to earth, he grounds me and reminds me that I am to achieve the little things that matter most, like patience.  Only then will he allow us to move on to bigger and more in depth exploration of my submission.  

When I can show Sir that I do have the patience, the determination, self-motivation... When I can push myself to achieve what he has asked...  Then I will be rewarded with more.  

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