My Dom Knows Me

Sir knows me better than I know myself.  I would quite easily say he can read my mind,  he knows what I'm thinking, he knows what I want or need and he especially knows when I've done something wrong.  It's almost as if he is magic!  He has these magic fingers that can bring me to orgasm in mere seconds...  He has this magic voice that can relax me, comfort me or turn me on... He can magically fix just about anything...  He just has this way of knowing everything.


But our Doms can't read minds and they aren't magic.  They really are just normal human beings. Sir knows me so well because he pays attention to the little things, the small details. He has learned my behaviours over the years just as I have learnt his.


The way I see it, Sir hears the words that I don't speak and he sees the things that I don't show.  He can tell when I'm stressing and my thoughts just aren't making sense, he can see me running around the house doing five things at once in a panic. I may not say or even really feel stressed myself.  But Sir can see it..


He can tell when I'm in the mood for some fun. I might come straight home and have a shower and make sure I'm all clean and smooth for him. Maybe I'll walk out in just my towel or maybe I'll only get half dressed.  Sometimes if I get an early mark from work I'll even take the extra time to put some makeup on and feel all sexy for when he gets home!


He can tell when something is playing on my mind if I think I've done something wrong. Sometimes I can feel him watching me, feel him analysing my face or my actions.  Sir is very upfront with me and will ask me straight out what's playing on my mind.


Sometimes we have little arguments and I beat myself up about it more than I should. It can be over something tiny but I feel like I've let Sir down and done the wrong thing. Maybe I feel I've disrespected him, not done what he's asked or even just disappointed and upset him. Either way, as his sub I tend to take it to heart. He knows this one all too well... When this happens he knows I need that reassurance that he's not mad at me anymore. That it's not my fault or it's over and done with now. He understands that sometimes I feel the need to be punished for whatever it is I've done, even if he doesn't really feel I need to be. I don't have to tell him...  He just knows.


Sir says it's become almost like an aura or a vibe now.  He can just sense what's going on in my head or how I'm feeling. He can feel it when I'm run down and tired or when I'm over-thinking something and stressing myself out.  He can sense it if I'm not being entirely honest with him or if I'm planning a happy little surprise for him.


We hold our Doms up on pedestals and most times believe that they just know how we feel.  As amazing as they are, they need us to communicate with them too.  They can't just rely on their ability to read their subs thoughts.  It's our job as good subs to keep that communication open and make sure we check in with our Doms and ask how they are too.