Pet Play

Let's talk Pet Play!

Pet play is quite common within the BDSM community and can be both a role play or a lifestyle. It can also be as basic or as involved as you like! There are various animal roles that people enjoy with the most popular being puppies, kittens, and horses.  Myself personally, I do enjoy a small amount of pet play.  I love the cute look of the fluffy tails and ears but most of all I simply love being Sir's pet. I think it stemmed from when we first met and we were very much on again off again for a stage in our relationship... The running joke was that it was like feeding a stray dog for the first time and it keeps coming back for more until finally you just give up and keep it.  Well, that was me! I kept coming back until Sir finally gave up and kept me! Now I'm even house trained... You know, to cook and clean.

But getting back to pet play, for some people it's simply an occasional bedroom role play.  Just the same as a playing the schoolgirl and teacher or burglar and victim!  For other people, this is an entire way of life and a huge part of their everyday activities.  Sometimes, in this case, the dominant person is considered to be more of the caring owner of the pet rather than the demanding Sir or Master.  Pet's are expected to obey as pets which can involve many different behaviours pending on the type of animal being played.

Lots of various accessories are used during pet play.  Most common are tails and ears, generally made with fur.  Taila can be attached by ribbons tied around the waist or more widely seen, as butt plugs with tails attached.  The tails themselves can be vastly different with tails ranging from long bushy fox and wolf tails to slim sleek cats tails,  fluffy bunny tails,  hard rubber dog tails and even flowing horsehair tails. Ears also come in many shapes,  sizes and colours.  They can be natural browns, reds, and blacks or vibrant pinks, purples, and blues!  Whatever you can imagine, there is usually someone willing to customise something to your likes.

Other common accessories are things such as water and food bowls placed on the ground filled with things like mince or milk, rubber chew toys or fluffy balls of wool.  Collars and leads are also quite common among puppy and kitten play. Ears and paws, even hooves are seen among more invested pet players.

There is such an array of different pet's to play and as with anything in the BDSM community, it's entirely up to you how deep you dive into this particular little rabbit hole!

Stay tuned for our next blog looking into each of the animal roles within pet play!

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