Taking Care of His Property


A large part of being a good submissive to Sir is about taking care of what belongs to him; me.  Keeping myself physically and mentally healthy allows me to be the best submissive I can possibly be for Sir.

This covers a pretty broad range of things from my eating habits to exercise to my mental health and just feeling nice in general.  It's both about making myself feel good and giving myself a confidence boost as well as making sure Sir is always pleased with me and proud to call me His.

Sir has played a huge part in helping me get on track with these aspects of my life. Sometimes that's been through meaningful discussion and sometimes it's been a good kick up the ass to get me into gear! But ultimately, it's up to me as his submissive to motivate myself to constantly be better and want more out of myself and out of life as a whole.

So some of the little things I do to keep myself looking pretty and presentable for Sir... First of all, I make sure I am almost always clean-shaven, especially if I know we might be going to have a play together. Sir likes me silky smooth all over and I happily oblige that.  My hair grows back quite fast so last Christmas Sir actually bought me a hair removal laser system to help me go longer between shaves as my skin hates it when I shave so often. I keep myself clean, smelling good, always shower before any plans between us and always make sure I brush my teeth at the same time! I can't be a good pet and lick him all over with bad breath.

Diet and exercise... These two things are a big part of everyone's world! For me, I now see a personal trainer twice a week and am honestly loving it, I never thought I would! I can feel myself getting stronger and fitter all the time. I can even go to training not looking forward to doing it after a long or bad day at work but end up coming home in a much better mood afterward. Dieting is a hard one for me, I'm always trying to eat just that little bit healthier...  But salad is still a hard limit! In our house we do try to healthy home-cooked meals every night, Sir has taught me a hell of a lot about cooking! But it's sometimes about the little things like not putting sauce on this meal or making that meal without any oil or cream.  Every little bit counts when it comes to eating healthier.

Now the little things I do that make me feel good for Sir? Let's look at just this week...  I made the effort to redye my hair so it's fresh and bright, went to the shops and got a pedicure and my toenails painted a pretty blue and I even did the painful task of getting my eyebrows shaped again! Although small things, they make me feel like I've put just that little extra effort into looking good this week.  It makes me feel better about myself and makes me proud to be called His sub.

Lastly, the mental health aspect...  Your mental health plays an enormous role in your ability to serve and be a good submissive to your Dom. As a couple, we have battled through a few of my own little mental hurdles. A very minor one has been my nail-biting, it's a terrible habit but it's one I find myself even now still falling back into occasionally. Most times I barely even realize I'm doing it until Sir mentions it, but all it takes is one mention from him and I'm instantly more aware of what I'm doing and I'm able to recognise it and stop myself.  Another one is that I get what I like to call "stress pains". Sir is a little skeptical about these but when I say I have pains in my chest or stomach, he gets me to talk it out and makes me have a giggle about something so I'm no longer thinking about it.

My biggest hurdle has been putting a stop to my little bit of my negativity towards myself. Sir has been a huge influence and support to help me find my confidence, my self-belief, my self-esteem and more. I used to be the person who whenever we had a fight or even just a little disagreement, I would become an emotional wreck and not be able to stop myself going into a bit of a self destruct mood. Something Sir did help me to put a stop to all of that...

He told me I could come to him at any time and ask for his help. He made me understand that I can always turn to him and he will always be there to help me self destruct in a healthy, controlled way.  There have been times when I have needed him to hurt me and have asked for just that,  for him to dig his nails into me and spank me until I cry...  Because that was the emotional release I needed to feel better. Rather than me trying to achieve this on my own and letting the negative thoughts in my head get the better of me? Sir would hold me and help me release those emotions and then fill my head with positive thoughts, remind me that I'm home, I'm safe and that whatever I had built up inside me is gone and done with now.  He would remind me not to linger on it.  Sir has played a huge part in helping me become the strong person I am today.

So don't ever be afraid of using your devotion and submissiveness as a driving force to better yourself. Your dominant is there to help you become a better version of yourself and remember, it's the little moments and little decisions that make the biggest difference!

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