The Meaning Behind My Collar

So..  This one is a little personal.  Sir and I have come a long way to be at this point where I am a collared submissive.  I have had to prove myself time and time again in order to earn the privilege of wearing this collar.

This is because it took me a long time and quite a few mistakes along the way to realise just how much this collar means to Sir and how much of a big deal it was for him to reward me with it.  I didn't realise that every tiny little set back, every time I made a mistake,  lied to Sir,  disrespected Sir,  asked for more than what I was ready for...  All of these little things I did,  were actually what kept pushing back me earning this collar.  I really had no idea just how observant Sir was.


It was only once I realised this,  did I start to take more notice of the things I was doing and how I was behaving.  I became so much more conscious of always being good, not just being good when I thought Sir was paying attention.  It was only after one particularly bad mistake that I made,  did we sit down and talk about and then implement  a little more structure.  That tiny little bit of structure and regularity was what helped me keep my focus on my submission and helped me earn my collar.


This collar means the absolute world to me.  It holds more meaning than anything else. It serves as a constant reminder of my submission and the promises I make to Sir. It is that one solid physical reminder that I am loved, wanted and needed. Having a bad day? Stressed out at work?  All I have to do is hold that little lock and breath. Forget about the world for a moment and just remember what my collar means.  It's a reminder to me that even if Sir and I aren't getting along at the time, that doesn't mean he doesn't care about me. It keeps me going, to be quite frank.  It's like having a tiny little part of Sir with me at all times, I can hold it and think about him and instantly feel closer to Sir.


My collar means the world to me.