What’s Your Name?

Let's talk about names!

There are so many different names that go hand in hand with the various kinky roles.  But remember that everyone has their own preferences... Just because someone likes being called babygirl, doesn't mean they have to be involved in age play.  Just because someone loves to be called a slut, doesn't mean they act like it. Always keep an open mind and always be respectful of everyone's individual dynamics.

Me, personally?

My absolute favourite thing to be called is Pet.  I'm his pet. His loving, devoted little pet. I'd happily be called pet during our day to day lives, outside of the bedroom. I find it endearing and loving, whilst still allowing us to embrace the power exchange within our dynamic.

We have a running joke between us that I've always been his good little dog.  From when we started seeing each other and I couldn't really cook, he always says that he shouldn't have kept feeding the stray dog, that way I wouldn't have kept coming back! Then he did the worst thing possible...  Taught the stray dog how to cook and let it sleep on his bed. Now I'm a permanent fixture!

From that stems the occasional "good little bitch". Or the "be a good little dog and lick your owner". During play I also love being called just about anything..  Slut, whore, cunt..  But the difference is, at all times,  I'm his slut, his whore, his anything and everything that he wants me to be. It doesn't matter what he calls me as long as I'm always His.

Now how about the other side of the coin...  What do I like to call him?  He's my Dominant but that's just part of who he is.

I mostly call him by his name in all honesty, outside the bedroom and in our day to day lives he is just himself.  In the bedroom, he is sometimes Sir, but we don't particularly use honorifics in our dynamic.  When I'm talking about him to others within the lifestyle, I always use Sir.  But otherwise, he is my everything... He is my owner, my Sir,  my Master at times. He is my World.

What do you like to be called by your Dominant?

What do you like to call your submissive?

What does your submissive address you as?

Leave us a comment and tell us your favourite names!

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