Woof! Meow! Neigh!

Let's go to the zoo! Here we will take a moment to look at each individual animal role when it comes to pet play.

Puppy Play: I lead with puppy play in particular because it is the one I most relate to and wish to explore further with Sir over time.  Puppy play can be as simple or as involved as you like.  Ears are a common occurrence and can be made into any shape you like, short pointy ones, long floppy ones or anything in between! Tails are the other staple of most puppy players, whether it be a curved silicone butt plug that bends upwards or a long fluffy tail that hangs down and tickles the back of your thighs. You can use butt plug tails or even a simple tie around the waist tail. A lot of puppy players use collars and leads, much similar to the Dom/sub roles, to enhance the experience. I've even known of people getting dog tags engraved with their owners (Dom) name and phone number in case they get lost! Some puppies are to crawl on all fours through the house, drink and eat from bowls on the ground and expected to bark for their owners. Mannerisms can even go as far as having puppy play dates where likeminded pups and their owners get together and allow their pets to play in character with each other. For the more involved people, you can even buy mits shaped like paws and full-face hoods to give the full puppy dog look.  For me personally, I simply enjoy sitting at Sir's feet and relaxing with him petting my head or being allowed to lick him like an excited little pup.

Kitten Play: Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... Okay, so kitten play is one of the other most common forms of pet play.  Imagine the mood swings of a cat, you are quite within your kitty rights to be an attention-seeking ball of fluffy cuteness or be a hissing, scratching spitfire of a cat! It is quite common for kittens to have soft tails and pretty matching ears covered in fur, similar to puppy play with butt plus and waist ties both being options. Tails come in many shapes, sizes and lengths and also colours! Do you prefer to be pretty in pink? A natural ginger cat? Or perhaps something a little darker like a red and black combo! Kittens can be found wearing thin collars with bells more often than not as well as delicately lapping milk from their bowls on the floor. Kitties differ in that they are much happier to curl up on Masters lap as opposed to puppies who love sitting at Master's feet. As with any animal role, it's entirely up to you to decide what makes you a Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr...

Pony Play:  Pretty ponies and highly strung horses, sometimes even colourful unicorns!  In BDSM terms, pony play is often seen as quite a high protocol style of play. For the people very involved and committed to this type of life, they have quite high expectations of their well-bred equine-humans. It is quite often seen going hand in hand with a leather or latex fetish to create a beautiful sleek black horse. Horses typically wear shoes and mits shaped like hooves, sometimes even magnificent headpieces in the shape of a true horse head. Flowing manes and tails are a necessity, with many colours of long horse tail butt plugs able to be purchased. Different types of head harness and gags are shaped to create a bridle and bit to control the horsey human and a lot of owners will teach them specific ways to walk and prance for them.  The pony play community is quite large and in some places they also have meets and competitions to see who owns the best trained, fastest or strongest horse!

Bunny Play:  A little less known but still a common pet play role is the bunny! Cute, fluffy, bouncy bunnies...  Bunny tail butt plugs with round little tails and long rabbit ears are the most common accessories to enhance the bunny look. As with any fluffy bunny, carrots are a favourite food source and I've seen many a bunny with a big carrot plush toy!

Piggy Play: Quite often, piggy play is seen as a form of humiliation and degradation based play.  Pointy ears, wrinkled snouts and curly piggy butt plug tails are all common accessories when it comes to pig play. A lot of the time piggies can be seen rolling in mud and generally getting dirty before being hosed off in the backyard. Degrading and humiliating comments are often thrown around during pig play, all within set limitations between the participants, as this is what the submissive (piggy) person most enjoys and views as a huge turn on. Another side to pig play is also the weight factor, some pigs love to be forced to eat junk food and forced to gain weight. This is also sometimes known as a feeder-/feedee fetish which can also be totally separate to pig play.

This isn't always the case, there are still many people who simply enjoy the cute little pinkness of being a piggy! Picture a cute little piglet scampering around your feet, oinking as it goes and wiggly its cute little curly tail. Sure they may get dirty but its all the more fun to watch them enjoying themselves and sharing in the scrub-a-dub-dub in the tub afterwards!

Huccows:  A huccow generally refers to people who enjoy a little more degradation and humiliation style play and take on the role of a cow. There are entire cow suits though some people simply paint their own spots on. Sometimes this is as simple as wearing a cowbell around the neck and mooing! But many people take this as far as inducing lactation (often this goes hand in hand with a lactation fetish) and taking pleasure in the sensations and idea of being milked like a cow. A lot of times the breast are referred to as udders and you can even buy milking machines designed for human breasts!

Let your imagination run wild as these are just some of the most common and widely known animal roles. Foxes and wolves are also a common animal while others such as snow leopards and lemurs are even wilder! Pet play is entirely up to you to choose what your calling is and what you most enjoy.

Take your pick of pets and embrace your inner animal! Which one calls to you?

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