Your Confidence

I strongly believe that every single person has confidence within them somewhere.  We all have it built up or locked away inside,  but some people find it easier to access their confidence than others. Some of us need a light bulb moment to find our inner confidence and some of us even need a guiding hand to help us look for it!

I don't remember the exact moment I found my confidence, just a lot of little moments that have shaped me into the mostly confident woman I am today. I still have my days where I lack a little confidence, we all have those days. It's about reminding yourself that it's just a day, you still have confidence, you just have to remember where to find it.

One of the biggest things that helped me to find that confidence inside me was beginning my training with Sir at the start of our relationship. We began with one training session of sorts every week.  He would tell me to go strip down to just my underwear, which later on became stripping to nothing at all. Then he had me kneel at the end of the bed and wait.  Sometimes he would leave me waiting five minutes, other times he would let me sweat and make me wait longer. When he came into the bedroom, he would walk around me, look at me, touch me, adjust my position if it was needed. He would sit on the bed in front of me and just watch me, some nights he would tell me what he wanted to happen next and explain the session.  Other nights he would just talk to me while I was bare in front of him. One particular night, he had me sit on the bed totally naked and he just touched me.  He ran his fingers all over my body and my only job was to sit there and not move, to simply relax under his touch.

Another night further along in our training,  he had me strip totally naked and stand in position in front of him. He worked on the computer beside me, stopped and stared at me for a while, made a coffee in the kitchen...  All while I stood there.  I was to remain still and silent. He would talk about me, make comments on how I was standing or about my body or how my eyes occasionally flickered off the spot I was meant to be focused on. It was both humiliating and humbling. It taught me that I do have my own inner strength, I could have put a stop to that at anytime but I chose to do as Sir asked and for that, I was rewarded.

Now? These days I can strip in front of Sir without a care in the world.  I can walk around the house naked, go about chores in just my underwear, Sir can even walk into the bathroom while I'm showering and I won't hide from him at all. Confidence is what you make it.  We all have it inside us, it's just a matter of finding the right key to unlock it. Be brave and find your confidence!

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