Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

We are a D/s couple, based in Queensland,  Australia. We want to share our ever growing and changing BDSM journey with all of you!


I met my Sir back in 2015 and began my first serious relationship at only 18yrs old.  Sir has had many years of experience in both the BDSM and polyamorous worlds before he met me.  We have since been lightly involved in a D/s dynamic,  putting it on hold for a time when life got in the way but always being drawn back to the BDSM world.

From 2015 to 2017 this was a struggle as we lived apart and would only see each other a few times a week, I'm awfully lucky that we lived fairly close by each other which allowed the occasional sleep over during the week.  As of June 2017, we have been living together full time and our D/s relationship really began to grow, as did our vanilla relationship.


I am proud to say that as of the 11th November 2018, I have been Sir's collared submissive.  That isn't something that either of us take lightly,  it was a huge step for Sir to collar me and a huge promise and commitment on my part to wear the collar.  I wear my collar 24/7, to work,  around family, everywhere.  We are the only two (and a few select kinky friends)  who know just how special this collar is or that it's even a collar at all!

Since being collared in 2018, we have gradually been delving deeper into BDSM and engaging our D/s dynamic.  We have decided now to share our journey with you,  the things we know and what we learn along the way.  Sir is an amazing Dom to me and an absolute wealth of knowledge and wisdom.


Now trust me when I say there is very little we haven't experienced when it comes to relationships.


Age gaps?  No worries,  there's 23yrs difference between Sir and I.


Bisexuality?  That's me!  Totally bi!


Polyamory? We began our relationship as a closed polyamorous triad and have developed into more of an open poly family.


Marriage?  Sir has been married for over 15yrs.


Making this life work around kids?  We do everyday!


So take the plunge with us both and I can guarantee you'll have some laughs along the way, learn a few things and gain some new insight! Our messages are always open so don't be afraid to say hello or ask us anything your hearts desire, nothing is off limits!