Being a Service Sub

Some of you may have heard the terms "service sub" or "domestic servitude" before in research or stories. But what does it actually mean and how does it exist within a typical day to day setting for us normal people?

I would class myself as somewhat of a domestic service submissive. I wouldn't say 100% purely because I believe that would involve myself not working a job and having a much higher standard of cooking and cleaning involved. Essentially, a service sub is a submissive who does very typical household duties. Simple, right? Well there are a million and one different variations of domestic service submission and it's up to you to decide if you wish to make domestic service part of your submission or not but also to what extent you wish to involve this type of submission.

So let's start with an example, take myself for instance. I work a normal everyday job 6am till 3pm, Monday to Friday and lucky for me, I am casual so I do get the odd day off here and there. On these days off, I do my best to be helpful around the house. The whole point of submission is to make your Dominants life better and easier, correct? Well I typically clean the house which means general tidying, sweeping and steam cleaning the floors, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, wiping down the kitchen benches and sometimes scrubbing the showers and washing the bed sheets. I will usually plan dinner before Sir arrives home, making sure my meat is defrosting and veggies chopped etc. in order to make cooking quick and easy when the time comes. I also ensure that the kettle is full and Sir's coffee is ready to pour as he walks in the door, which is a personal favourite thing to do. You wouldn't believe that I could barely cook or clean before I met Sir, I didn't enjoy doing either at all! But as I have taken this journey with Sir, I have come to enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride I can take in knowing I have made Sir's life just a little bit easier. I find a form of peace and serenity in keeping myself busy with the end goal to please Sir and keep his property (both myself and the house) in good shape.

Now, domestic servitude can be as casual or as strict as you both choose to make it. Sir does not ask any of this of me but I find myself drawn to it, therefore we have no protocol involved with our domestic servitude. Many people in the lifestyle do involve a level of protocol or sexual innuendo to their domestic service. This can include things like performing cooking or cleaning duties in lingerie, high heels or totally naked. Or it can be more high protocol which means there would be extremely exact ways of doing things such as the submissive may not stand at any point whilst cleaning the floors or the submissive must bow every time they pass their Dominant whilst busy. There are some submissives out there who are only submissive because they enjoy the domestic servitude, for some it is forced and that is the key turn on but for others they simply enjoy doing these tasks!

Often times, domestic servitude within a D/s relationship or household also goes hand in hand with a 1950's style relationship. We use this term as the domestic servitude is often not of a sexual nature and more that of your typical housewife from that era.
To sum it all up, domestic service is a way to feel helpful and turn everyday tasks into something that can help focus you on your submission. Anything from general cleaning and tidying, to full spring cleans, having dinner half ready or creating a week's worth of meal planning and prep. Keep it simple and helpful like myself and Sir or turn it into something more sexual or a way to practice following directions or rules using higher protocols. Your service is what you decide to make it, just remember to enjoy it!

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