Foot Fetish: The sexual desire for or gratification from feet. Anything from toes to shoes to the feet themselves.

Electrostimulation: This involves using electric currents, often through the use of a TENs machine, to spark some sexy feelings and release.

Dominance: This is when one person has the power or influence over another. 

Cuckolding: Typically, this involves a couple agreeing for one person to sleep with another outside of the relationship and humiliate their partner by flaunting the fact they are sleeping with others. 


Bondage: This involves being restrained. Sometimes by being tied in different positions, restrained by cuffs and much more.


Wartenberg Wheel: Typically used for sensation play, its a small implement consisting of a wheel with needle-like spikes around the outside.

Spreader Bar: Its an adjustable bar designed to attach to a person's ankles (and sometimes wrists) to keep their legs spread apart or in a specific position.

Chastity Belt: Usually used as a form of orgasm denial or control, it prevents the wearer from touching their nether regions. Their dominant normally holds the key and the belt can be worn from hours to days. It is worn by both men and women.







Pony Play: During this play,  typically the more submissive party,  takes on the role of a horse/pony. This can involve toys such as hoof shaped gloves and a long tail like butt plugs.  

Puppy/Kitten Play: Often referred to as general pet play,  this involves one party taking on the mannerisms of a puppy or kitten while the other takes on the role of owner/trainer. Again this can involve props and toys such as tails, ears, paws and more.  

Bondage Cage: Used for both play and punishment,  it is simply a cage in which the submissive is locked inside of.  Typically a large animal cage though they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  

Masochism: Means to derive sexual pleasure or gratification through receiving pain. 

Sadism: Means to derive sexual pleasure or gratification through inflicting pain on another. 


Nylon Fetish: Usually goes hand in hand with foot fetish, some people can't get enough of the feel of nylon stockings and the like. They love the smell of them, the look of them wrapped around a person's feet and legs and even the feeling of nylon on their skin. 

Humiliation: This is the act of embarrassing or degrading a person either verbally or physically. 


Munch: A munch is essentially a casual, non-sexual meeting of like-minded people, usually in a very vanilla setting.  It's a great way to meet new people and be blessed to discuss BDSM topics in a casual setting such as a cafe.  


Contract: A contract is a way of negotiating play, limits and often rules between a dominant and submissive.  Although not legal, they are something to be taken seriously. 


Collar: A item worn around the neck (though sometimes bracelets and anklets are used for the same purpose) that signifies the submission of one person to another.  Often these have locking mechanisms and the dominant party keeps hold of the key.  

Impact Play: This refers to the act of hitting someone, be it with hands, paddles, floggers, whips, canes or any other objects

Enema: An enema involves squirting water into the anus with the intention of cleaning and cleansing the anal cavity.


Klismaphilia: The act of getting aroused at the thought of or by receiving an enema. 


Limits: Limits are the predetermined boundaries of what someone will and won't accept during play. Limits must be discussed, negotiated and agreed upon before BDSM play occurs. 

Age Play: This is a form of roleplay that can either be for a simple scene or more long term. It is where one or both people act a different age to what they really are. This is typically a younger age, acting childlike while the other party usually takes on the role of caregiver/parent.